How international medical insurance works

    • How International Medical Insurance works

      We know you’ve got a lot to think about when you’re moving abroad. At AXA PPP International we try to make expatriate health insurance as simple as possible because we understand that keeping healthy is important to our customers.

      What does it cover?

      Our international health insurance policies cover treatment for new medical conditions that arise after you join. Our plans can cover you wherever you are in the world.

      What benefits are available?

      To make things simple, we offer four plans for you to choose from. These range from our Standard plan which includes
      in-patient treatment and emergency cover, to our more extensive plans which provide cover for treatment which, in your home country, may have been considered routine. You can choose cover that includes visits to your medical practitioner, physiotherapy, eye tests and dental care. You can find more information about each level of cover here.

      Where can you access treatment?

      As you’d expect from an international policy, our plans provide you with access to hospitals and clinics in your home country and around the world. To keep things simple, all your benefits and limits remain the same but you can choose from two areas of cover:

      • Worldwide cover - With this option you can access treatment anywhere in the world including access to all the US-based hospitals, pharmacies and clinics in our network for any eligible treatment you may need.
      • Worldwide excluding USA cover – Medical treatment in the USA is some of the most expensive in the world, so if you don’t think you’ll need to receive treatment in the United States, our worldwide excluding USA area of cover may be best for your budget. You’ll still be able to use your benefits to access treatment in hospitals across the rest of the world and if you do find yourself requiring emergency treatment while you're in the USA, all our plans provide some cover for emergency in-patient and day-patient treatment.

      Can I reduce the cost of my premiums?

      If you’d like the option to reduce your annual health insurance premiums, you can choose to add an excess to your policy. We have five levels of excess to choose from, ranging from £100 / €125 / $160 up to £2,000 / €2,550 / $3,200 per person, per year. If you decide to take out an excess on your policy, this is the amount of money you are committing to pay towards the cost of your treatment each year if you need to make a claim.

      Take a look at our video to understand more about how our excesses work:

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        Do you have any questions?

        If you’ve got more questions about expatriate health insurance, why not take a look at some of the questions other expats have asked us, click here.

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