Second Opinion

    • Getting the right diagnosis is essential if you’re to receive the right treatment and care. Second opinion iconSometimes, when it’s a complex or life changing diagnosis, you’ll want to know that every avenue has been explored, for that extra reassurance.

      That’s why, at AXA PPP International, we believe all our members should have the right to an independent second medical opinion, at no extra cost.

    • What is the service?

      When you use our second opinion service we’ll put you in touch with independent health consultants, Medix, who go far further than offering a second opinion on your initial diagnosis. Medix also offer a personal case management service which is all about providing ongoing medical guidance, quality supervision and support from diagnosis through to recovery - allowing you to make informed choices at critical times.

      They’ll assign a medically qualified personal case manager and nurse to support you and your family at every step, and identify the best medical experts from their global network to either confirm your diagnosis or find another explanation. And we’ll pay for any new eligible tests they think you need.

      Get much more than just a second opinion:

      • Better understanding of your medical condition
      • Reassurance of the diagnosis
      • Help to make the most appropriate treatment decisions
      • On-going personalised support and medical information 24/7, from multi-lingual specialists

      What do I need to do?

      If you're interested in using this telephone consultancy service and want to find out if you’re eligible, call our Personal Advisers on:

      +44 (0) 1892 503 856

      Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.

    • View the short video for your Second Medical Opinion service.

    • The videos below show some real-life cases in which our second opinion service changed the lives of our members.