Second Opinion

    • Being diagnosed with a medical condition is a Second opinion iconstressful time for anyone and living abroad has the potential to add even more uncertainty. You may have a language barrier to overcome, be unsure about local medical procedures, and not know where to turn.

      So if you've been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, we've teamed up with independent health consultants Medix to give you a second opinion or a review of your treatment plan for increased peace of mind and even more support.


    • What do I need to do?

      If you're interested in using this service and want to find out if you are eligible, call one of our Personal Advisers on:

      + 44 (0) 1892 556274

      Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.

    • View the videos and hear the stories of how members have benefited from the service

    • What is Second Opinion?

      Second Opinion, provided by independent health consultants, Medix, is all about providing medical guidance, quality supervision and support - allowing you to make informed choices at critical times.

      So if we think you'd benefit from additional support from their network of independent medical experts and access to your own dedicated Case Management team, we'll make sure to put you in touch with Medix to provide that valuable extra care.

      Get much more than just a second opinion:

      • Better understanding of your medical condition 
      • Reassurance of the diagnosis 
      • Help to make the best treatment decisions 
      • A choice of the most appropriate facilities and doctors

      How does it work?

      When you access this service, you will be assigned an experienced Medix Case Manager from one of Medix’s multi-disciplinary teams, which includes doctors and renowned medical experts from around the globe.

      Your Case Manager will work to gather all of your medical documents and will identify which medical experts are best to deal with your case.

      Once your case is with your personalised team of experts, you can expect a comprehensive report and ongoing communication and a care plan detailing any recommendations suggested by your expert team.


      If you have a question about Second Opinion, the answer may be provided below.

      What are the sorts of situations that Second Opinion may be able to help with?

      The service is there to support customers in difficult and challenging medical situations. For example, it can help customers coping with or having just been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and customers struggling to obtain a diagnosis for the symptoms they are suffering from. 

      Second Opinion can provide help in making many, and sometimes critical treatment decisions. Medix aims to help by giving you the latest relevant information and personalised advice from leading medical experts worldwide. This allows you to make the best decisions, choose the most appropriate course of treatment and improve your medical outcome.

      Could I benefit from Second Opinion?

      We want to support our international customers in making difficult and serious healthcare treatment decisions. So when you talk to your personal adviser they will look at your particular circumstances and using their expert knowledge of the support services Medix can offer and will let you know if they think Medix may be helpful to you.

      What will it cost me?

      Access to this service is provided as part of your plan benefits.

      Will I need to sign a confidentiality waiver and an informed consent?

      The confidentiality waiver enables Medix access to your medical records and the informed consent is to confirm that you have understood the service and would like to enrol.

      Will AXA PPP International pay for all my recommended treatment?

      You must pre-authorise any treatment and procedures Medix recommends to ensure it is covered by your policy. AXA PPP International will not cover travel costs incurred seeking treatment or advice.

      Medix is independent and will always give objective recommendations for the best medical treatments regardless of your policy terms and conditions.

      Who do I call when I need clinical support or in an emergency?

      Medix’s call centre is available 24/7 when you’re enrolled to the service. In case of an emergency, Medix’s call centre representative will transfer you to your medical co-ordinator or on-call doctor.