How medical bills are paid

    • Hospital bills are the last thing you want to worry about if you're recovering from treatment. That's why we do everything we can to settle the bills directly with the hospital, so you can relax and focus all your energy on getting better.

    • In-patient and Day-patient treatment How medical bills are paid

      We can arrange a guarantee of payment letter, via our headquarters in the UK or through one of our local third party offices, to go to most hospitals around the world. This means you won't have worry about bills or make any pre-payment to the hospital when you are admitted.

      On the rare occasion that we can't pay directly, you'll need to pay the hospital and ensure you get a detailed bill that shows you have paid. You can then claim the money back from us. 

      If you should need on-going treatment please contact us to confirm that your ongoing treatment is covered, and we can advise on what happens next.

    • Out-patient treatment

      For out-patient treatment such as a consultation or medical practitioner visit, you'll normally need to pay on the day and then send us your receipt or invoice for reimbursement.

      If this is likely to be expensive, please contact us to arrange for AXA PPP International to pay the fees directly to the provider.

      The easiest and most secure way to manage your claim and stay in touch is to use Customer Online. This is where you can upload receipts and other claim information, and we even accept photographs of documents to help speed up the process. You can also set up electronic payments to get paid faster, direct to your bank account. Log in to Customer Online.

      Alternatively you can post the original, fully itemised bills, receipts or proof of payment and other necessary claim information to:

      International Customer Service
      AXA PPP International
      Phillips House
      Crescent Road
      Tunbridge Wells
      TN1 2PL
      United Kingdom

      Please submit all claims within six months from the treatment date. We also recommend you keep a copy for your own records.

    • Search for a healthcare providerglobe icon

      To find one near you, log in to MyGlobe and select your country and nearest city. You can even search based on the type of specialist treatment you need. Find out more

    • Currencies we reimburse in

      Claims reimbursements can be paid through a local bank in a number of currencies. We use the exchange rate published in the Financial Times Guide to World Currencies on your treatment date. For in-patient treatment this would be your date of admission, so long as that currency is one of the following:

      • Australia (Dollar)
      • Bahrain (Dinar)
      • Brunei (Dollar)
      • Canada (Dollar)
      • Denmark (Krone)*
      • Europe (Euro)
      • Hong Kong (Dollar)
      • India (Rupee)
      • Israel (New Shekels)
      • Japan (Yen)
      • Kenya (Shillings)
      • Kuwait (Dinars)
      • Mexico (Pesos)
      • Morocco (Dirham)
      • New Zealand (Dollar)
      • Norway (Krone)
      • Oman (Riyal)
      • Saudi Arabia (Riyal)
      • Singapore (Dollar)
      • South Africa (Rand)
      • Sweden (Krona)*
      • Switzerland (Franc)
      • Thailand (Baht)
      • Tunisia (Dinar)
      • Turkey (Lira)
      • UAE (Dirham)
      • United Kingdom (Pound)*
      • USA (Dollar)