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    • FOCUS ON: Evacuation and Repatriation Webinar

      On the 22nd November – 1pm (UK time), why not join our team of experts who will be discussing the role of Evacuation and Repatriation services within an International Private Medical Insurance plan. We’ll discuss more about when medical evacuations are needed, share recent case studies and talk about AXA’s capabilities - we’ll also give you an opportunity to ask questions of our expert speakers.

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      Revised - Regulation update in the Middle East

      15 July 2016

      The last and final phase of implementation of the law ended on 30th June 2016, all residents in Dubai, and their dependents, must be covered by a health insurance plan which meets the new regulatory requirements. This includes having a compliant health insurance plan purchased in the UAE from a provider that is a Permitted Health Insurance provider approved by the Dubai Health Authority. The Dubai Health Authority has confirmed that individuals without compliant health insurance in place by 30th June may be subject to a fine.

      How workforce globalisation has changed the pay and benefits landscape

      16 June 2016

      Tom Wilkinson, Managing Director shares insights on how the wants and needs of globally mobile workers have changed over the last 10 years and what global employers should consider to support their workforce in the future.

      Better career opportunities driving employees abroad

      16 June 2016

      Four in ten expats relocated abroad to attain a better work life balance according to our recent research.

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      16 June 2016

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      Improving the digital customer experience

      26 April 2016

      As part of our commitment to improving our members’ online journey, we are continually reviewing the capabilities of our online member portal Customer Online. Here are the latest improvements which will affect policies on our system which either start with ‘AX’ or ‘INTL’.

      The Islands Health Plan product updates

      2 March 2016

      Why not join us for our next webinar taking place on 16th March, providing you with valuable updates on the enhancements to our Islands Health Plan, and give you an opportunity to ask questions of our experts.

      The new President of the IFHP

      2 March 2016

      Keith Gibbs, Chief Executive of AXA PPP healthcare and AXA PPP International, is honoured and delighted to have been elected as President of the International Federation of Health Plans (IFHP). Bringing together major health organisations from 6 continents, the federation facilitates education and the exchange of ideas aiming to help improve health outcomes for 200 million citizens worldwide.

      Keith quoted: “I am honoured and delighted to have been elected as IFHP President. The pace of change in healthcare is increasing and there are a number of trends that present real opportunities to improve global health – new technology including wearables, improvements in the understanding of genetics and better data analytics are all positive developments. Equally we face a number of challenges, such as cost inflation particularly in pharmaceuticals, plus the growth in chronic and lifestyle diseases. By providing a platform to share insight and work collectively the IFHP can help its members to improve health outcomes for all of our customers.”

      April 2016 Rates and Product updates

      2 March 2016

      We have extended the evacuation and repatriation benefit on our International private healthcare plans for Individual and SME members in Africa.

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