For Intergovernmental organisations

  • As an Inter-Governmental Organisation (IGO), you perform some of the most important – and the most challenging – work in the world. Every day, your staff put themselves on the line to help people across the world. We’re here to help you protect your staff and their families. With cover from AXA, your team have access to best-in-class care and support wherever their work takes them.

    • A wide range of insurance services, including health, death and disability from AXA partners.
    • Bespoke benefits. We can design cover for everyone in your organisation who needs it – whether they’re on-the-move or in one location, whether they’re in a low- or a high-risk remote or whether cover is needed for their family too.
    • Designed for complex organisations. We’re part of the world’s largest insurer, The AXA Group. Globally AXA protects over 107 million people and is on the ground in 64 countries and negotiating with providers everywhere in the world. Our scale doesn’t just mean we can buy more cost-effectively, it means we can see the future more clearly. We use all this intelligence to look ahead on your behalf. This means we can provide consistent care in every setting, for even the most demanding organisations.

  • Trusted healthcare

    Members have access to trusted healthcare and support, including:

    Treatment from our global network of hospitals and clinics.

    With access to any provider in the world and 14,000 providers with direct settlement arrangements, your staff get the expertise they need, quickly. While our international medical network offers access to direct billing facilities and negotiated tariffs, members are free to consult the medical provider of their choice.

    Worldwide evacuation and repatriation.

    If a member of your team needs emergency treatment that can’t be delivered locally, we will take them wherever they need to go, whether that’s back to their home country, or to a hospital in our worldwide network.

    One-to-one support from a personal case manager.

    We’re ready to talk to your staff about any aspect of their hospital in-patient treatment, from answering their questions to talking to doctors on their behalf. We’ll also help them find the right provider nearby, and handle all the paperwork.

    Access to 750 of the world’s top medical experts.

    We’ve negotiated fast access to leading specialists, so your staff can get the best care for unusual or complex conditions.

  • Hassle-free support

    With global expertise in customer service and provider management, and the financial strength of the AXA Group, we’ll make every aspect of your contract simple and effective, with:

    • 24/7/365 support, handled from our operational centres of excellence in Europe, America, Middle-East and Asia. Our multicultural teams speak over 35 languages, and can handle claim reimbursements in 150 languages and in multiple currencies.
    • Bills settled directly with over 14,000 providers worldwide when members don’t pre-authorise treatment. But if members do pre-authorise planned treatment, they can access any recognised hospital they choose and we’ll arrange to settle the bill directly wherever possible. Because, when your staff need treatment, the last thing you want is for them be out of pocket for even a moment.
    • A dedicated account executive. We’re always here to answer any questions you have about your contract, so you and your staff don’t get stuck in the admin.
    • Global support to keep your premiums under control. Because we’re part of the AXA Group, we can procure treatment more competitively. AXA is forming a global picture of healthcare, looking at everything that affects the cost of your contract, such as medical inflation. We interpret that information to help keep your premiums sustainable without jeopardising the experience of the members we protect.
    • Help to get more out of your contract. With fast access to reports and claims data, we’ll help you analyse how you’re using your scheme and make sure it keeps delivering the benefits you need – both today and in the future.