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Shanghai Fashion Week launches

One of China's biggest fashion events has kicked off in Shanghai.

Fair for expats in Germany

Munich is to hold a fair for the international community living in Germany.

Dubai health insurance compulsory

Dubai has recently been announced that from January 2014 onwards medical insurance will be mandatory.

Crash diets best for weight loss

What's the best way to lose weight: crash diets or the gradual approach?

Fatty diets and bad bacteria linked to cancer

A study from Germany suggests fatty diets alter intestinal bacteria, raising the cancer risk.

Education linked to heart risk

Education has a big influence on your risk of heart disease, it's been found

Habits of Australian smokers 'haven't changed'

Smokers in Australia still buy the same cigarettes from the same places.

Australian GPs push back scans

If you suffer a bad back in Australia you may well be sent for a scan.

Expats favour granny au pairs

A German company is taking full advantage of the move towards older carers.