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    Health and country information for expats in Thailand

    Thailand is an alluring destination for tourists and expats alike, offering an array of attractions - perfect white beaches, a hospitable culture, tropical climate, and bustling city life contrasting with the beautiful and tranquil countryside beyond.

    Popularly known as the land of smiles, Thailand is also famed for its low cost of living. This definitely adds to the country's appeal as an expat destination, and it also allows residents an enhanced purchasing power compared to many other places. Expats in Thailand value the experience of living in this Southeast Asian nation - reflected in very high rankings across global expat surveys for quality of life and cost of living.

    Healthcare in Thailand

    One aspect of the health care system in Thailand that is often mentioned is its lack of GPs. As a result, people turning up at hospital will often be seen by a doctor who specialises in a particular area of medicine. Not all hospitals are without generalists though - and if you're a member of AXA PPP International, you'll be able to call our 24 hour helpline and we'll be able to suggest the most suitable hospital in the area.

    Private medicine in Thailand is of a generally high standard, with a good supply of private hospitals in populous areas. The country has a growing reputation as a medical tourism destination, with people travelling there specifically for elective procedures. Public health provision may not be of a standard equivalent to what you'd find in Europe or North America, especially in rural areas.

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