• South Africa

    Living and working in South Africa

    South Africa is one of the top 10 destinations for expats from the UK and is a popular destination for expats from many other nations too - offering amazing and diverse scenery, vibrant cities, culture, history and a warm, sunny climate. Expats rate South Africa highly for quality of life, and the country consistently achieves high rankings in expatriate surveys.

    Rich in natural resources, South Africa has the wealthiest economy on the continent, and opportunities for skilled workers are in good supply. However, jobs for semi-skilled workers are scarce and the employment rate is lower than that of the EU and the Unites States. South Africa's main industries include mining and minerals, tourism and manufacturing, with many international companies establishing a presence in the country as its economy continues to grow, and further business opportunities develop.

    Healthcare in South Africa

    South Africa's public healthcare system is overburdened, and unable to provide standards of care and treatment equivalent to those available in North America and much of Europe due to a lack of resources. Waiting times for treatment can be lengthy and hospitals stretched in terms of space as well as resources.

    In contrast to the public healthcare system, South Africa's private healthcare facilities are highly regarded in terms of quality, especially those in the big cities, and there are large numbers of people from overseas who travel to the country to make use of its private medical facilities and expertise for elective medical procedures.

    Because the standard of care at public health facilities may not be adequate, the UK government advises those travelling to South Africa to obtain comprehensive medical insurance before setting off. This is because comprehensive international medical cover includes the costs for seeing a doctor, so you have access to GP consultation covered as well as hospital treatment.

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