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    With its tropical climate, clean and modern public transport and highly regarded healthcare system, Singapore continues to be a popular expat destination. Of its 5.3 million population, around two million are foreign nationals, a number that's expected to increase in future as the country seeks to grow its workforce.

    Singapore is renowned for being a clean and safe city, and it consistently ranks as one of the best places in the word to do business. Foreign workers are in demand and skilled professions command a high level of pay.

    With all of Singapore's much-publicised positive aspects for locals and foreign nationals alike, it's no surprise that this futuristic city-state ranks highest in Asia for quality of life, and continues to climb the world rankings in Mercer's annual Quality of Living survey.

    The healthcare system

    Singapore's healthcare system is widely held up as an example of excellence, generally being regarded as one of the best in the world. Private hospitals and medical facilities are of the highest quality, and relatively high in number - around a third of Singapore's hospitals are independent with the rest being state-run.

    For expats in Singapore there is little difference between the costs of using the public or private healthcare systems. Expats will need medical insurance in either case, since paying as you go can be very expensive. Most expatriates in Singapore choose to go private, and while international health cover isn't a requirement for entry to Singapore, it is recommended that prospective expats purchase cover before moving to Singapore.

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