• Russia

    Health and country information for expats in Russia

    Russia is continuing to become one of the worlds up and coming economies and many large companies are focusing on the country for expansion and new market development.

    Public healthcare is available to citizens of Russia and residents who contribute to the state tax system however the standard of care varies widely and using the state hospital means you may have to communicate with the staff in Russian.

    AXA PPP International takes the care of its expat members very seriously and our international private health insurance offers expats in Russia the choice to receive treatment there or in your country of nationality.

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Preparing for Russia

With its rich cultural history, breathtaking landscapes and fast growing economy, Russia is a truly unique destination for expats.

Managing money in Russia

Until relatively recently, Russia was essentially a cash-based society, with many people preferring to keep their money at home.

Choosing accommodation in Russia

When you move to any new country, finding somewhere comfortable to live can make the transition much easier.

Choosing a school in Russia

Like any parent relocating to Russia, you will settle in much easier if you know your children are happy.

Expat community and social life in Russia

If you want to become engaged with your host country, you’ll find that Russian people are generally warm and friendly.

Russia - culture, social customs and etiquette

Settling into Russian life may take a bit of getting used to. But it can be a lot of fun.

Sochi puts tourists off Russia

Russia won themselves few friends at the Winter Olympics, research suggests.

OAP happiness 'not universal'

Happiness in older people depends on the region of the world they live in.

Childhood TB numbers higher than expected

Studies show figures are almost 25% higher than estimates.