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    Health and country information for expats in Australia

    With a dynamic economy that sits comfortably among the world's top 15, Australia has weathered the downturn better than most, and has posted robust economic growth figures over the past few years. The country is renowned for being a good place to do business, and employs large numbers of foreign nationals.

    Laid-back, friendly - and offering an endless abundance of sunshine too - there's little wonder that Australia is home to so many expats. Over a million British nationals are resident in the country, along with nearly half a million Kiwis, over 200,000 Italians, and other expats from nations all over the globe.

    Healthcare in Australia

    Healthcare in Australia is well-regarded, operating on the basis of a mix of private and state health provision. The country has one of the world's highest life expectancies and also measures well on other important health indicators.

    State healthcare is provided under the Medicare system, which is funded though salary deductions. Anyone living in Australia on a permanent residency visa is eligible to join Medicare, although there may be restrictions on getting this type of visa.

    Residents in Australia on a temporary visa aren't eligible for Medicare cover unless they meet the qualifications for a permanent visa, and have an application for one in process. Medicare doesn't cover out-of-hospital services in their entirety, nor does it cover dental treatment, physiotherapy and various other non-essentials.

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