Cookie details

    • The different types of cookies we use

      We use two types of cookies:

      • Session cookies - these are cookies that are only stored while you are visiting the site
      • Persistent cookies - these are cookies that are stored until an expiry date set by the website or in your browser.
    • The different owners of cookies on our website

      Some of the cookies on our websites have been set by third parties. These cookies include those where:

      • we show third-party content, such as YouTube videos
      • a third party is providing a service, such as analysing the pages that visitors to our sites view, or
      • a third party is measuring the effectiveness of advertising links to or from our sites.
    • Cookies in flash files

      What is Flash?

      Flash is a file format used to show video and animation. We use Flash files to present information on our sites and integrate with third parties, such as YouTube.

      Flash cookies

      It is possible for third party creators of Flash files to set cookies as part of their files. At the moment, it is not possible to identify all flash files that set cookies and this means we cannot guarantee the status of every flash file.

      The Flash platform is distributed by Adobe and they offer a number of tools to monitor, block and remove flash cookies:

      • Find out more about disabling flash cookies (also known as local shared objects)
      • Change your settings for storing flash cookies
    • Cookies used for transactions and forms

      Many of our pages contain transaction areas, such as forms, shopping areas and surveys. These areas all need cookies to function.

      We've listed the cookies that we use as standard in our detailed table.

      From time to time, we may include short-term surveys, comparisons and other temporary features on our site that could use cookies. If we do this, we'll always try to make sure that we list the cookies that are used, but this may not always be possible given the short-term nature of these features.

    • Cookies used for online accounts and secure areas

      All online accounts and secure areas of our site that require you to log in need to use cookies. Whenever you create an online account, the terms for your account will require you to agree to the use of these cookies.

      For details of these cookies, please email

      As part of this work, we asked a specialist independent organisation to audit the use of cookies on our websites. The following information gives details of what the most recent audit on 22 Mar 2012 found.

    • Summary of cookies used

      • Session cookies set by us 3
      • Session cookies set by third parties 1
      • Persistent cookies set by us 3
      • Persistent cookies set by third parties 0
      • JavaScript code that could set cookies 2
      • Flash files that could set cookies 0
    • Full details of cookies used

      Name of cookie Type of cookie Expiry period Reason for use of cookie Level of privacy/tracking
      UK-T1-PRD-PROD-AXAPPHEALTHCARE - Session cookie End of visit Marketing Medium
      AXACSADBID Advertising cookie 5 years Marketing Medium
      AXACSAuvt Advertising cookie 6 months Marketing Medium
      _utma Google Analytics - Visitor identifier After 2 years Analytics Medium
      _utmb Google Analytics - Session identifier After 30 minutes Analytics Medium
      __utmc Google Analytics - Session identifier When i close my browser Analytics Medium
      _utmz Google Analytics - Campaign values 14 hours Analytics Medium
      ASP.NET_SessionId Stores a new random value for every new user session which allows the server technology to store user - specific data temporarily on the server End of visit Functional Medium
      AXACSACDID - Speedtrap tracking cookie End of visit Marketing Medium
      AXACSACDuvt - Speedtrap tracking cookie End of visit Marketing Medium
      vtz47gabsosd - Speedtrap tracking cookie End of visit Marketing Medium
    • How to turn off cookies

      You can turn off cookies in your browser settings. If you do turn them off, it's important to remember that you may not be able to use all the services on our websites.

      You can find out more about turning off cookies at the independent website

    • Further questions about our use of cookies

      If you have any questions about specific cookies or our cookie policy, please email us at

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