Corporate medical insurance - what's covered

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      For our International Business Health Plans we offer a range of different kinds of cover, so you can choose whatever best fits your budget and requirements. You can even give your cover a boost with our range of additional options.

    • Benefits

        Standard Comprehensive Prestige Prestige Plus
      Policy benefit limit per year £750,000

      Out-patient treatment

        Standard Comprehensive Prestige Prestige Plus
      Surgical procedures

      Radiotherapy, chemotherapy

      Brain and body scans, including CT, MRI and PET scans

      Drugs and dressings

      Out of area cover

      Chinese herbal medicine

      Combined annual limits on the below 4 benefits
      Paid in full
      Medical practitioner consultation charges

      Diagnostic tests and physiotherapy

      Psychiatric consultations

      Vaccinations by a medical practitioner, each year

      * Sessions or benefit limitations may apply.

      In-patient and day-patient treatment

        Standard Comprehensive Prestige Prestige Plus
      Hospital charges, surgeons, anaesthetists, physicians and consultation fees, diagnostic tests and physiotherapy

      Radiotherapy, chemotherapy

      Kidney dialysis

      Out of area cover

      Additional benefits

        Standard Comprehensive Prestige Prestige Plus
      Evacuation or repatriation service

      Chronic conditions

      Normal pregnancy and birth^

      Palliative care

      Cancer related only
      Dental, non routine^^

      HIV/AIDs treatment

      Health at Hand

      Day-patient and out-patient radiotherapy and chemotherapy cash benefit of up to £5000 
      £50 per day

       £50 per day

       £50 per day

       £150 per day
      Optical and eyesight test cover

      External prosthesis

      Medical case management

      Travel insurance Optional Optional

      ^This benefit is available as an additional option on the Comprehensive plan. Please talk to our personal advisers to find out more.

      ^^Differing levels of co-insurance will apply to non-routine dental benefits, dependent on the level of cover selected. 

      Additional options

        Standard Comprehensive Prestige Prestige Plus
      Out-patient treatment Option available

      Routine dental care
      Option available Option available
      International Travel Plan Option available Option available

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